Audition Dates: 
Tuesday, August 29- Vocal Auditions 3:30pm
Wednesday, August 30 - Callbacks, Time TBA

Rehearsal: 9 Weeks, September 5 until November 2, 2017
Rehearsal Times: Monday - Friday (Two or Three hour block between 3:00pm - 6:45pm)
Tech Weekend:  October 28th and 29th - All Day (Mandatory Attendance)
Tech Week: October 30th - November 2nd (Mandatory Attendance, Extended Rehearsal)
Performance Dates: November 3, 4, 10, 11 at 7pm; November 4, 11, 12 at 2pm
Brush Up Rehearsal: November 9th - Time TBD
Mandatory Parent Meeting: September 6, at 6:30pm (Parents & Actors Must Attend)

Auditions for SBHS Theatre's Fall Production of Cry Baby will be held at Santa Barbara High School Theatre on August 29 and August 30. Please come to the audition on August 29 prepared to sing thirty-two bars of a song from a musical, a cappella. There will be no accompanist for the audition. However, please provide piano sheet music for the musical director. One week prior to the audition, a sign up sheet will be posted on the callboard outside the theatre office. Select a vocal audition time slot, fill out an audition form, and bring it to your audition. The cast list will be posted, on the callboard Friday, September 1.

If you are cast, our first read through will be Tuesday, September 5 from 3:30 until 5:30pm. 

Please arrive 10 minutes before your audition time.

If you have questions prior to the audition feel free to see Otto Layman in the theatre office or email him at


Please list any dates/times that may conflict with daily rehearsals (between 3 and 6:45pm) so that in the event you are cast we can attempt to accommodate your conflict(s). Conflicts include all lessons, appointments, trips, and religious holidays. Please note that IF you are cast, your listed conflicts will be only considered, as we can not tailor daily schedules around actors on a regular basis. Any conflicts not listed will not be considered, and missing rehearsal as a result of an uncleared conflict can result in being cut from numbers, scenes, and in some cases the entire show. If you are cast, we expect this production to be your first extracurricular priority. 

Our casting choices are influenced greatly by availability. We ask that ANY SBCC classes that you take in the fall begin at or after 7pm. The latest we will generally rehearse is 7pm. When selecting SBCC fall courses please choose classes that begin at or after 7pm to open up more casting opportunities. This also applies for other extra curricular activities including vocal lessons, dance classes, college counselor appointments, and other potential conflicts.

It's 1954. Everyone likes Ike, nobody likes communism and Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker is the coolest boy in Baltimore. He's a bad boy with a good cause – truth, justice and the pursuit of rock and roll. Cry-Baby and the square rich girl, Allison, are star-crossed lovers at the center of this world. Fueled by hormones and the new rhythms of rock and roll, she turns her back on her squeaky clean boyfriend, Baldwin, to become a "drape" (a Baltimore juvenile delinquent) and Cry-Baby's moll. At the other end of the topsy-turvy moral meritocracy of 1954 America, Baldwin is the king of the squares and leads his close-harmony pals against the juvenile delinquents, who are ultimately arrested for arson, sending the drapes all off to prison. It's Romeo and Juliet meets High School Hellcats.

Cast Size: 20 - 24

Wade 'Cry Baby' Walker – The leader of the gang known as the 'Drapes'. A misunderstood teen who acts like a rebel, but has a sensitive side. 
Allison Vernon-Williams – A pretty, fun, and intelligent girl. She is a square, but wants to be a Drape.
Mrs. Cordelia Vernon-Williams – Allison's protective Grandmother. She keeps many secrets from the other characters. Comedic. 
Dupree W. Dupree – Wade 'Cry Baby' Walker's best friend and a drape. He is always energetic and positive.
Baldwin Blandish – Allison's Boyfriend who is an enthusiastic square. He is the lead singer of a group called "The Whiffles" and has strong opinions on politics. 
Pepper Walker – Cry Baby's tough sister. She is a drape and pregnant for the third time. 
Wanda Woodward – A Drape who just wants to be Jane Mansfield. There are many rumors circling about her, but she is really a sincere and 'pure' girl.
Mona "Hatchet-Face" Malnorowski – A Drape that many others fear. She always carries around a switchblade and is not to be messed with. 
Lenora Frigid – Desperately wants to be a Drape. She is in love with Cry Baby.
The Whiffles – Baldwin's doo-wop group and best friends. They want to have a hit on the radio.

Ensemble: Judge Stone, Father O’Brien, The Bailiff, Skippy Wagstaff, Radio DJ, Drape Ensemble, Square Ensemble